construction workers demonstrating commitment to safety.
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Our motto of “Be Careful Today” is not just a slogan but an operational way of life

At DOC, safety is our top priority. With a longstanding history of excellence in the industry, we are committed to ensuring the well-being of our employees, trade partner personnel, pedestrians, building occupants, and the communities we serve. Our safety department, along with project staff, prepare safety plans and other pertinent safety documents to address and plan for the specific safety hazards associated with each project. Each DOC project is assigned a specific safety manager to continually assess and evaluate safety expectations. Furthermore, our safety culture extends beyond compliance with minimum standards. We often exceed regulatory requirements and align means and methods with the evolving best practices in the construction field.

Tools that Help Us Work Safely

  • Technology
    • HammerTech: We use a digital safety platform (HammerTech) to bring real-time safety data to our on-site teams and trade partners
    • Our cutting-edge digital safety platform facilitates seamless collaboration between project staff and trade partners and enhanced insight into site activities
    • This technology provides a single portal for trade partner registration, orientation, certification submittals, and more
  • Documentation
    • Site Specific Safety Plan: We create customized Site-Specific Safety Plans that capture project-specific conditions, often exceeding minimum OSHA requirements and those of our clients and industry standards
    • Daily Safety Checklists: These checklists are completed within our digital safety platform by the on-site management staff. Observations made can be immediately shared with the appropriate trade partners.
  • Planning
    • Toolbox Talks: Each month we develop a series of weekly Toolbox Talks—a short presentation used to raise awareness for a particular aspect of the work
  • .79 Workers Compensation EMR
  • 6 In-House Dedicated Safety Employees
  • 30-hour OHSA 30-hour certification for all DOC superintendents and field staff
  • Safety Staffing and Management

    The DOC project safety manager and project teams prioritize safety through continuous monitoring and feedback on Job Hazard Analysis (JHA). All incidents are meticulously tracked, monitored, and analyzed. Weekly safety audits ensure adherence to safety protocols, with identified non-conformances communicated digitally to trade partners for correction action. Weekly foreman meetings also address potential safety-affecting issues. Moreover, all DOC superintendents and field staff hold OSHA 30-hour certification, supplemented by additional training from the safety team that covers various areas such as first aid/CPR, respirator usage, confined space procedures, fall protection, hand tool safety, and hot work protocols.

“In addition to meeting schedule and budget requirements, this project included an exemplary safety record, innovation in construction techniques, management of complex work, community involvement, respect for the environment, and an excellent partnering relationship for all team members. This project has truly transformed the north end of Springfield’s Main Street, creating a hub for transportation, work, and community.”

Domenic J. Sarno
Mayor of Springfield, speaking about the Union Station Regional Intermodal Transportation Center


Safety Week

Each year, DOC employees and our trade partners come together during national Construction Safety Week to emphasize the importance of safe work environments, share best practices, and reinforce a culture of safety to prevent accidents and injuries on our sites. Throughout the week, we schedule various activities, including toolbox talks, a chip challenge to monitor and incentivize safe site practices, and on-site safety trainings in collaboration with industry partners.

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